Millet gruel

Ekologiczna kasza jaglana

Ekologiczna kasza jaglana

Ekologiczna kasza jaglana otrzymywana z łuszczonego prosa. Idealnie nadaje się jako dodatek do obiadu np. do duszonych warzyw lub mięs.

Kraj pochodzenia: Polska

Masa netto: 1000g

Jednostka certyfikująca: PL-EKO-01

Data min. trwałości: 31/08/2015

Sposób przygotowania: Gotować na małym ogniu ok. 15 min.

Cena: 9,50 zł/kg + 9 zł koszty wysyłki

Łączna wartość: 0

+ 9 zł koszty wysyłki

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Groats are some of the oldest elements of human diet. We all know them very well, although we do not necessarily like and appreciate them. They were discovered in times when people didn’t yet know how to produce flour in the mills. Grain was not refined or ground in those times, but only crumpled and smashed. Quite often seeds of grain were left with hulls. Unfortunately, over centuries, due to the increasing popularity of white breads, groats have been gradually forced out of our menus.


Nowadays, when thanks to latest technology we can precisely check the composition of our food, groat is becoming popular once again. We know that it contains lots of valuable substances which our body needs in order to function properly. It contains cellulose and vitamins – mainly the B ones – and mineral elements such as: magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. The less processed and the larger the groat is, the more proteins it contains and, as we all know, proteins are the most crucial building block of our body’s physical structure. Millet gruel (from millet grain) contains a slightly smaller amount of proteins than other groats, however, it is highly energizing and what is significant, it doesn’t contain gluten. It also contains silica which is quite rare in food. Silica is a compound which has a marvelous influence on our joints, nails, hair and skin. It is one of the healthiest groats available in today’s stores.


Groats served with meat or dairy products equips us with a whole set of amino acids. Humans need both animal and vegetable’s proteins. A meal served in this way enables us to assimilate all of these precious substances.


According to Paul Pitchford, the author of “Healing with Whole Foods”, millet gruel can help in cases of possible miscarriage. It also has an anti-mycosis effect and helps in digestion problems and diabetes. Consumed regularly, it eases unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy, such as morning sickness. Millet gruel is also recommended to people with liver, pancreas, bowel and kidney diseases. Due to its warming alkaline nature it is also recommended in cases of hypothermia. It is the only king of groat with an alkaline reaction. It even helps in cases of simple cold and problems with upper air passage infections as it removes excessive amounts of phlegm from our bodies. However, it is not recommended to people with serious digestion problems.


Accessible price, simplicity of preparation and accessibility of the product in the majority of our stores contribute to its increasing popularity.


Use the recipes presented on our website and check out the taste and blissful influence this groat will have on your health.

Millet gruel

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